The Long Hair Guide for Men

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 13.48.08Think suave, sophisticated castaway who has been deserted on an island with nothing but quality hair products. Bingo.

Winston Churchill once said “war is mainly a catalogue of blunders” and the same could often be said of hairstyles.

For some men, growing their hair long is something that can draw looks of envy from their follicly challenged peers, for whom the option is but dream. Some men like to keep their hairstyle short throughout their lives as a mark of their own personal choice. Others like to take the plunge and grow a mane of lustrous locks. Many however, lack the know-how, patience and confidence to make the transition, which can be awkward and look less than well groomed. Perseverance is the name of this game, and good things come to those wait. The results can and will inevitably transform a guys overall look. This is how to do that transformation for the better.

Whether you’re the bank manager who has a flair for the bohemian indie look or a young buck student who wants long surfer hair to go with his ironic t-shirts and unrealistic career expectations, or perhaps you’re the guy who has hit a mid life crisis and has decided now is the time to adopt that pony tail he has always wanted. The ponytail that will act as the perfect accessory for that new ear piercing and convertible. Whatever, if that’s your jam go for it!

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 13.52.20 Long curls look great on the surfboard or the boardroom.

However, maintenance can be a put off, but it need not be. Long hair is some of the easiest hair to manage.

Transition is the big deterrent in this style change. Just like everyone liked Bruce Jenner and everyone likes Caitlyn Jenner, It’s the transition phase people bitch about, but keep focused on the finished result.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 12.43.20

Ignore the hayers. Preserver.

Just as much as the actual hair, patience and time are the qualities required. Many fall at the second or third hurdle and go through the awkward stage only to get a hair cut, rendering the whole process pointless. A good stylist can be your friend in the battle of growth trenches, and you’re going to need one.

The number one question asked on this subject is “how long will this take?” This is tricky to answer because everyone’s hair grows differently and at various speeds. However, based on statistics, hair grows roughly at the pace of ¼ inch every month. So, depending on how long you want to grow your hair, this can be a good indicator of timescale.


The process of growing out

One of the most common pitfalls guys make when growing out their hair is to just let it go. Don’t. You are not Elsa from Frozen.

This will just encourage split ends; add to the awkward look due to uneven hair and just look generally unkept. Not the goal.

Regular trims and texturizing will ensure that it grows with a healthy shine and you will be able to manage it more. This will also reduce any awkward phase moments as your hair grows. Another good tip is to start also taking some vitamin B7 to strengthen hair follicles.

As your hair grows, it will do so from every angle, you will feel like it starts resembling a burst mattress. Don’t panic. You need to give the roots the best opportunity to grow in an efficient and healthy way. Now is the time to start giving yourself hair treatments based on your hair type, ask your stylist which is best suitable to you.

The best method to maintain that sophisticated appearance is to focus on growing it out from the top first followed by the back and the sides. To start, try keeping the back and sides short, only slowly permitting them to fill in as the top of the head’s hair grows out.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 14.20.58Beware: Ensure your hair grows in the correct fashion.

Use the time it takes to grow out your hair to stock up on the products that you are going to need for your new look. You’re going to need finishing and texture sprays along with hair masks and serums. Clays and pomades have been a friend to your former shorthaired self but they are often too heavy for longer hair. Creams are going to be your new BFF’S.

On matters of long locks, if you don’t have your stylist on call 24/7 ask your girlfriend/mum/sister/female friends. They will more than likely have a treasure trove of knowledge of all their tried and tested good and bad products.

Styling long hair.

When your hair has arrived at its final destination point of length, now is a new frontier: how to style long hair. The first thing you need to do is get a strategy; book an appointment with a stylist. You need an expert to discus the framing of your face and the focus of accentuation your best features and drawing less attention from your less favourable ones. Think jawlines, face shape, ears and the layering and texture of your hair are all things that need to be taken into account here.

These decisions are what separates the fine line between your look being more cool and dapper to looking like you were an extra in the revenant.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 14.12.21

The correct way to acheive messy.


In the battlefields of transitioning from short to long hair, you’re stylist is your comrade. They have got the expert strategy, they have the blue prints, they know the battle lines and have the arsenal of products, better still they knows the enemy (bad hair) and they know that through many set backs (awkward phases) if you persevere, you can conquer and be victorious in winning the battle of short to long hair. Go forth.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 14.46.41“You say you’re willing to die for long hair but you know nothing about dying and you know nothing about growing long hair” – Achilles hairdresser.


Greenwell also does Pink Well!

 Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 12.32.09
Mary with Fearne Cotton and Glamour Magazine Editor, Jo Elvin
There’s something about Mary’s new hair, its pink and it’s fabulous!
Legendary make-up artist Mary Greenwell has caused quite the stir on the fashion scene this month by dyeing her tresses pink!
Mary revealed she is a fan of AJC 93 client, Crazy Color and is currently sporting the delicious bubblegum shade Pinkissimo. AJC has sent Mary a range of different Crazy Color shades to try so watch this space…
Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 12.32.00
With Sam McKnight taking her cool Instagram shots she’s sure to continue to lead the fash pack.
Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 12.32.16Mary with Oscar winning client Jessica Chastain.

Fresh Festival Hair from JOICO

Other than the international collections, we’d say that the year’s most inspiring style looks come from festival season. And first up is one of the biggest and in fashion terms the best, Coachella. We asked JOICO Spokesperson and Celebrity Hairstylist, Paul Norton, whose clients include Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Emma Roberts and Anna Kendrick what he thinks will be big news at the three day Californian event.

“Coachella definitely sets the style stakes for the rest of the season but this year flower crowns will be passé. My clients are already perfecting their festival style and with over half a million people in the desert it is essential to stand out from the crowd.

“The best festival styles are really inspired by the idea of enjoying the music, the amazing Californian weather, and having a great time. Hair should look great but you should be able to do it and then forget about it. That’s why I think JOICO InstaTint is perfect and the 50ml sizes (RRP £4.95) make them perfect satchel size, and they smell gorgeous too which is always a bonus in the Californian heat.”

The new temporary colour shimmer sprays come on strong, delivering iridescent, shining, devastatingly dazzling colour, before washing out (up to three days later!) with a single shampoo. Spray these pigment-packed beauties directly onto fishtail braids or a braided crown for an iridescent, pop of colour here and there, or mix all five shades to create your own custom tint try Fiery Coral, Sapphire Blue, Orchid, Pink, and Mermaid Blue to give yourself a pop of colour.

InstaTint’s commitment-free colour technology allows you to try out all the haute hue trends of the moment – ombre, sombre, baby lights (with a vivid spin) – without ever getting too attached.

The above images are from Instagram showing how easy it is to create stunning looks with JOICO InstaTint – credits: @larisadoll, @leysahairandmakeup @ravessalon

Product details:

–       Up to 3 days of bright, bold colour – washes out in 1 shampoo

–       5 high-impact hues to love and layer (Fiery Coral, Sapphire Blue, Orchid, Pink and Mermaid Blue)

–       Brilliantly touchable and brushable

–       Instantly refreshes the vibrancy of Color Intensity shades

–       Temporary pigments, so no commitment or damage of traditional hair colour

Light-from-within mica formula shimmers in the sunlight, gleams under moonlight – see you in the desert!

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